Foto: Patricia Varela
Foto: Patricia Varela Make-Up: Camilla Aurora Andersen
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You can find Marthe Susann's music on most digital platforms worldwide. Just click on the links to go directly to the stores. SpotifyGoogle Play, Amazon, Tidal, iTunes/Apple Music, Deezer.

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20th of september Marthe Susann released her debut EP called "Golden". "Golden" is a collection of five songs all about love and loss where Marthe Susann took inspiration from her own life and the loss of her parents. The result is an EP that is stylistically rich and varied, that goes from heartbreakingly beautiful to fun and playful, from vulnerability to strength. 

"Easy" was the second single from Marthe Susann's EP "Golden". The song is about a relationship that has some problems. The protagonist asks why love can't be as easy as other things in life like walking in the park, and I think this is a general question everyone asks themselves at times when life is hard. In the end the issue is really about having to deal with the problems we have in life which is the hard part.

All the songs on the EP is performed by Marthe Susann Åndahl, Reidar Frugård Opdal and Josefin Winther. Produced by Opdal and Winther and co-produced by Åndahl. Opdal also mixed all the songs. 

"Dance the Night Away" was the first singel from Marthe Susann's EP "Golden". The EP's general theme is life and the human existence. All the songs are about human emotions and experiences more specific love and loss. "Dance the Night Away" is about young love, late summer nights and living in the moment. 

Behind the scenes shooting "Dance the Night Away". Foto: Kristin Skivik


Behind the scenes shooting "Dance the Night Away". Foto: Kristin Skivik

Marthe Susann - Easy (Lyric Video)

The music video for "Dance the Night Away" is directed by Maja Hopen. Graded and filmed by Allan Sæther Thommessen. Edited by Adrian Taalesen Hagengen. Produced by Marthe Susann Åndahl.



Foto: Patricia Varela Make-Up: Camilla Aurora Andersen

I am a singer, songwriter and music teacher from Bergen, Norway. I have always been singing. My mother used to say that I sang more than I talked as a child, which sounds like a cliché, but singing was clearly something that I loved to do and I wasn’t afraid of showing it. After I startet my education at a Waldorf School in Bergen at seven years old, music became my main activity both on and off school, and it continued like that through all my school years.

I continued to study music, first at Toneheim Folkehøgskole, then University of Oslo and Norwegian Academy of Music. Shortly after I graduated I started teaching singing and music, and I love it. To help others find and experience the joy, belonging and self worth in music that I myself found is rewarding in many ways, both as a human being and as a singer. I have since taken further education with different vocal techniques like Complete Vocal Technique and Estille Voice Training.

I also write. I started in my teens, but this side of music production I kept more to myself. There was something about writing your own words to music that made it much more personal than performing. But I gradually became more confident with my own writing and also started to work with writing for others.

There’s no clear answer to why it took me this long to release my own songs. A part of it was that I was a bit cowardly and afraid that people wouldn’t like the music. Another reason was my personal life, where most of my 20’s has been affected by illness in my close family. Sadly I lost both my parents within five years, and this was obviously something that impacted my life in a major way. The silver lining is that I’ve come out on the other side stronger, more confident and a wish to live a life that’s genuine and in the moment.

Music is a way of processing and commenting what happens to you and in the world, and I write about love, life, society; basically existence in general. I don’t know what the future holds, but now I ready to show you all of my artistry and I couldn’t be more exited.




No shows booked at the moment. Stay tuned for upcoming concerts. 

Foto: Patricia Varela Make-Up: Camilla Aurora Andersen



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Foto: Patricia Varela Make-Up: Camilla Aurora Andersen